debby ward of prior unity gardenDebby Ward is the Founder and Owner of Prior Unity Garden, Helping Make Your Organic Garden Dream a Reality. Debby is a manager, educator, presenter and organic/biodynamic gardener, with over 40 years of gardening experience. Her interest in growing plants started as soon as she could crawl around the family garden. Her family always had food and herb gardens in which she participated and she has continued that tradition.

grow lots of food in containersShe began intensively growing herbs and vegetables in the late 1980s as she started a homemade salsa and herb blend business from 200 containers on her patio. She began focusing on plants for food and medicine as a young adult and holds several certificates in medicinal herbalism and has training in native plants, biodynamics, organic and native gardening, apothecary management, vegetarian cooking, small business management, project management, time management, risk management, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

get organic gardening tipsDebby loves to help grow gardeners and has trained Master Gardeners in Fairfax County VA for the County Extension Office, taught for The Mason Sustainability Institute of George Mason University, for the Grow Your Health-Gardening, Local Food and Wellness Festival, for the Fairfax County Green Breakfasts, various Washington DC area events, local organizations and groups.

create a beautful and productive yardShe is the past President of Joe Pye and Friends, the National Capital Area Herbal Network and has written many articles on individual herbs and topics such as Herbs for Diabetes, Stress Relief and Cherokee Healing. She has written a booklet on Seed Starting and Safe Seed Buying as well as all the course materials for Prior Unity Garden. She also created the Prior Unity Garden product line which includes The Veggie Garden Guide.

Debby loves to ‘paint with plants’ as she now calls it, prior unity book combining her love of plants with her fine arts degree and sense of style, color and space.

She values biodiversity, community, healthy living soil, fresh organic food and the prior unity inherent in all beings.


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